EgbOK stands for "Everything's gonna be OK." The acronym came from the "Ken and Bob Show," A commute hour radio show in Los Angeles. When I was casting around for the name of my internet domain in 1995, my wife, who had grown up in LA, mentioned EgbOK. I liked the optimistic ring the phrase had, so I used it.

I made a mistake in my domain registration, and used the name "Everything's going to be OK." When I changed my registrar from Network Solutions to GANDI in 2000, I was able to change it to "Everything's gonna be OK" for all the contacts except for the owner. The owner contact is subject to special verification rules that I couldn't or wouldn't go through at that time.

In my original page, I had an animated gif of my EGBOK logo with a rotating earth for the "O". The idea was that the planetary perspective made all worries seem trivial, or something like that. It was fuzzy minded hippy optimism. (Please note I'm not renouncing such thinking but merely calling it out.) I had a MIDI file of "Get Together" by the Youngbloods playing without any way to turn it off. Through the gentle remonstrations of several friends, I came to understand just how annoying that was, and I lost it in subsequent versions of the site. However I still love the tune. I had a link to the newly established Electronic Freedom Foundation's Blue Ribbon campaign. I still send those people money once in a while.

I thought the site looked great both in Mosaic, and Netscape Navigator when it came along. I had a visceral dislike of Microsoft but tested Internet Explorer version one. That was based on Mosaic anyway, and it looked fine.

I retain the earth-from-orbit background here out of nostalgia. Nostalgia and a remaining hope that thinking abouth Earth in its larger context may lead us toward a better day. I used to think the Internet might be a big component enabling that future. I still think so, though my expectations about how and when have changed.